Travel Guide Albania

By | July 30, 2023

Travel Guide Albania – Idyllic beaches, warm weather, rich history, magnificent mountain views and affordable prices; sounds like an impossible wish list for a European destination. Yet Albania meets all these criteria and more. Over the past quarter century, this Balkan country has gradually emerged from its solid communist cocoon, and savvy travelers take note.

The capital, Tirana, is an interesting and cosmopolitan place. Countless communist-era apartment blocks sparkle with brash and bright splashes of paint, and in parts of the city it sits shoulder to shoulder with Ottoman and Italian architecture. Random and erratic but wildly lively, the constant hum of traffic and a cacophony of sounds added to the buzz.

Travel Guide Albania

Travel Guide Albania

Albania’s greatest asset extends to the border with Greece: the Adriatic coastline (called the “Albanian Riviera”). To say undiscovered would be dishonest; The beaches here attract substantial crowds of sunbathers in July and August. Despite this, these idyllic areas are fresh for foreign tourists and are among the best in the Mediterranean. If you can throw yourself in the towel, there are also interesting Greek, Ottoman and communist historical relics to discover in the nearby towns. Of particular interest are the now dilapidated and sometimes reused domed bunkers, the paranoid frenzy ordered by the isolationist ex-ruler Enver Hoxha.

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Further inland, rocky hiking trails stretch between moonlit, sun-bleached mountains, where remote rural villages warmly welcome any curious visitor. With unpaved, pothole-filled roads and unreliable bus routes, getting into the interior of the country can be an adventure in itself. But when the logistics of travel is tough, there’s always the dangling carrots of lovingly prepared food, delicious wine, and always welcoming locals to encourage you.

With its sandy beaches, intriguing history and affordable prices, Albania’s once unknown charm is now screaming from the colorful rooftops.

For more advice on traveling abroad and reducing the spread of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic, see the TravelHealthPro website.

Flights between England and Albania have resumed. The requirement for those arriving from the UK to self-isolate for 14 days has also been lifted. You should continue to contact your airline before you travel, as the situation can change very quickly. See Admission Requirements to find out what to do when you arrive in Albania.

Travel In Albania: Best Things To Do & All You Need To Know

If you return to the UK, you will be asked to comply with the UK entry rules from abroad.

No travel is risk-free during COVID-19. Countries may soon further restrict travel or introduce new rules, for example, due to a new variant of COVID-19. Check with your travel company or airline for any transportation changes that may delay your return journey home.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you may need to stay where you are until your test comes back negative. You may also need to be treated there.

Travel Guide Albania

If you are in Albania, you must follow the instructions and recommendations of the local authorities.

Best Things To Do In Albania & Places To See

As of May 1, 2022, the curfew has been lifted and wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory. There are currently no restrictions on movement within Albania. Public transport and taxis operate normally.

Nightclubs reopened from May 1, 2022. The restriction limiting outdoor gatherings to 50 people or less has been lifted.

Your emotional and mental health is important. Read the guide on how to take care of your mental health and mental health

If you need urgent consular assistance, contact the British Embassy, ​​High Commission or Consulate nearest you. All phone numbers are available 24/7.

Albania Travel Guide: All You Need To Know

Public security is generally good in Tirana, especially, and Albanians are very hospitable to visitors. Crime and violence do occur in some areas, but reports of crime specifically targeting foreigners are rare. There have been occasional gunfights and minor explosions, but these seem to be related to internal disputes over criminal, business or political interests.

In December 2009, Albania officially declared that it had fulfilled its ‘Ottawa Convention Article 5’ obligations and achieved mine-free status. However, be careful when visiting mountain towns on the northern border with Kosovo, especially when walking and following unexploded mines and other unexploded ordnance warning signs. Demining work continues on the Kosovo side.

With a valid UK driver’s license you can drive in Albania for up to one year. You can also drive in Albania with an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can get IDPs from the counter at only 2,500 UK post offices. You cannot buy an IDP outside of the UK, so get one before you travel.

Travel Guide Albania

If you are staying or living in Albania for more than a year, you will need to apply for an Albanian driver’s license.

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The green card is proof that you have car insurance when you go abroad. You must carry a green card to drive in Albania.

If you are planning to rent a car, check with your car rental company for information about their requirements before you travel.

Driving can be very dangerous. Roads are bad, especially in rural areas. Street lighting in urban areas is subject to power outages. Elsewhere, there is no street lighting, even on intercity main arteries. When traveling at night, beware of unmarked roadworks, potholes and unlit vehicles. All-wheel drive vehicles are generally more practical on rural and small roads.

Albanian driving can often be aggressive and erratic. Road traffic fatalities are among the highest in Europe. The police took measures to reduce the number of accidents. Minor traffic disputes can escalate quickly, especially as some drivers may be armed. Avoid responding to provocative behavior from other road users. If you have a car accident, however minor, you have to wait until the police arrive. This usually happens quickly in residential areas.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Albania

If you are considering importing a vehicle into Albania, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork when you arrive at the border. Check with the Albanian Embassy in London before you leave. The British Embassy will not be able to assist anyone trying to bring a vehicle into Albania without the correct paperwork.

FCDO cannot advise on the safety of individual airlines. However, the International Air Transport Association publishes a list of registered airlines that have been inspected and found to meet a set of operational safety standards and recommended practices. This list is not exhaustive, and the absence of an airline on this list does not necessarily mean it is unsafe.

In 2014, the International Civil Aviation Organization conducted an audit of the level of implementation of critical elements of secure surveillance in Albania.

Travel Guide Albania

There are reports in the local media that jet skis and boats rented along the coast may not have adequate safety precautions and equipment.

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The Albanian National Environment Agency reported in 2016 that 83% of beaches in Albania were of very good or good standard, but the report raised concerns about a small number of beaches, including beaches in Durres, Vlore and Saranda, which were polluted by insufficient sewage. . destruction and treatment.

You should avoid any political rallies or demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities, as there is always the possibility of it turning into violence.

Tensions between religious groups and expression of extremist views are very rare, and attitudes towards Western countries are overwhelmingly positive.

UK Counter-Terrorism Policing has information and advice on how to stay safe abroad and what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Learn more about the global terrorism threat.

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There is a growing worldwide threat of terrorist attacks against British interests and British citizens from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You must be vigilant during this period.

Homosexuality is decriminalized. Anti-discrimination and anti-hate crime legislation is in place. Tirana has several gay-friendly bars and a number of LGBT support groups. See our LGBT community information and advice page before you travel.

Albanian authorities do not always notify the British Embassy when British citizens are arrested. If you are detained, you can insist on your right to meet with a British consular officer.

Travel Guide Albania

This page reflects the UK Government’s understanding of the current rules for the most common types of travel for persons traveling from the UK with a full ‘British Citizen’ passport.

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Authorities in Albania have established and enforced access rules. If you are not sure how Albania’s entry requirements apply to you, contact the British Embassy, ​​High Commission or Consulate.

Keep up to date with the information you receive from your tour operator, transport or accommodation provider about the impact on current travel plans. If you need more information about entry requirements, contact local immigration authorities or the nearest Albanian embassy/consulate. You should also check with your airline or travel company for the latest information.

Travelers no longer need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test to enter Albania.

All passengers permitted to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania must comply with international airline standards and protocols, as well as the following rules:

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