Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

By | March 15, 2023

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines – The Philippines and excellent beaches go hand in hand like a bucket and a spade. The country is made up of more than 7,000 islands, and almost every island features at least one stretch of pristine golden sand with iconic bangka boats navigating the shallow green waters. Whether you’re looking for an underrated spot on a secluded island, a cove with good waves, or a lively spot to sip a cocktail in the sun, here are the top 12 beaches in the Philippines.

Editor’s Note: Travel restrictions apply during COVID-19. Check the latest guidelines before you go and always follow local health advice.

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

With its gorgeous powdered sugar sand, White Beach is the center of the action in Boracay and the only sight most visitors see. The locations of the beaches are defined in relation to the three former boat stations where

The 10 Most Beautiful Places In The Philippines

(small canoe-like boats) from nearby Caticlan were arriving. The area south of Station 3, known as Angol, contains most of the budget accommodation, including some remnants of Old Boracay.

The landmark attraction of St. Vincent, Long Beach, it’s a real beauty. It actually consists of three beaches – Long Beach 1, 2 and 3 – which together make up about 14 km of almost empty golden beach on Palawan’s west coast. Among them, Long Beach 2 is probably the best choice; it is 50 m wide, offers pink sunsets and stretches continuously for 7 km.

For a day trip from El Nido on Palawan Island, head north by tricycle or motorbike to this amazing white sand beach. Development has sprung up in Nacpan and new guesthouses, boutique hotels and luxury tented camps are popping up everywhere. However, for now, the atmosphere remains benign.

Located about 5km east of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, this sublime beach has white sand, umbrellas and great swimming opportunities. It is very popular with locals on weekends and holidays.

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With green waters and leaning palm trees, Saud Beach is the epitome of paradise © Jeremy Villasis / Getty Images

This long dazzling arch of white sand sparkles in a perfect pool of blue sea. Located on the northern tip of Luzon (the largest island in the Philippines), the beach is home to a large selection of accommodation, but is still a fairly quiet place (apart from holiday weekends). Coconut palms cover the beach and waves break off the reef when there is a tide.

One for retirees; ABCD Beach on Calicoan Island is named after the four reefs along this coast that attract surfers from near and far from June to October. The coast remains undeveloped, with a few restaurants and a few surf schools helping visitors perfect their technique. Apart from the reefs, there is nothing here except the Pacific Ocean to South America.

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

Catanduanes Island, off the beaten track, is perfect for snorkelers © John Seaton Callahan / Getty Images

Top 10 Beach Destination In The Philippines

Quiet and secluded, Toytoy, located in the remote northwest of Catanduanes Island, is a long, pristine stretch of sand with coral formations, making it a great place for diving. Catanduanes is far from the typical tourist trail, so if you’re looking for an underrated and lesser known sand to lay your towel on, this might be the place for you.

Often called Las Cabanas Beach after the local resort, this is the closest beach to El Nido and has a sunset bar scene centered around the Beach Shack and Maremegmeg Beach Bar. A zip line flies over the water between the mainland and an island along the coast.

Cloud Nine can get crowded but it’s still one of the best surf spots in the Philippines © John Seaton Callahan / Getty Images

Another hot spot for surf lovers, the name of this legendary right-hander says it all. Despite its growing popularity in recent times (some locals call it the “ninth crowd”), Siargao’s signature wave remains the most legendary jump in the country.

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Much gentler than its noisy neighbor Alona, ​​Danao Beach on the beautiful island of Panglao (part of Bohol Province) consists of patches of fine white sand backed by coconut palms; it is an idyllic tropical setting.

The charming Paliton Beach is one of the attractions of Siquijor Island © Jacob Maentz / Getty Images

Northeast of San Juan, on the west side of Siquijor Island, is the gorgeous white sand Paliton Beach. The water is crystal clear and there are great views of Apo Island. Exit at the small church in the village of Paliton and follow the closed road for about 1 km to the beach. The best diving in Siquijor is along the wall that runs from Paliton Beach southeast to Tubod Beach.

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

Accessible only by boat or on foot (five hours from Pundaquit), this stunning arc of white ash can be crowded with Manila visitors, but if you catch it early it can be magical. Home » Blog » Destinations » Asia » Philippines » Top 10 Famous Foreign Destinations in the Philippines (Best Similar!)

Must Visit Visayas Tourist Spots: Boracay White Beach, Cebu Diving, Bohol Countryside

Everyone dreams of traveling the world! While it may seem impossible to most of us living in third world countries, believe me when I say this

Possible – believe me, she leads a life of travel, even though she is a poor Filipino with only a Philippine passport! (Foreign locations in the Philippines)

But of course… I understand it could be a big leap or life change; so if you’re not ready or don’t have enough funds yet to start a travel lifestyle like me, that’s definitely okay!

Did you also know that traveling in the Philippines can already make you feel like you are traveling to other countries?

Must Visit Philippine Beaches That Aren’t Boracay

Yes you can! In fact, below are a few of the top 10 great and famous overseas destinations that you can actually “find” in the Philippines.

You really won’t have to travel too far as the country can have it all!

NOTE: This is NOT an article that wants to focus on comparisons or imitations in a negative way. I know very well that the Philippines have their own charm. I wrote this post for the simple purpose of showing that a country can be VISUALLY diverse and this is due not only to the influences of other cultures or countries, but also to the amazing terrains and landscapes that the Philippines naturally has.

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

White sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and stunning islands are NOT just the Bahamas! With over 7,107 islands, it’s certainly easy to find a beach in the Philippines that has the same thing

Must Visit Attractions In Palawan, Philippines

The truth is that we have many beaches that have been voted some of the best in the world! In addition to Boracay, Samal and Siargao, you will find more pristine coastlines in Batanes, Bohol, Cebu, Caramoan, Palawan, Zamboanga, Zambales and more.

FACTS: It used to be a luxurious island resort, but today it is a deserted island that still retains its beauty. One of the attractions of this most visited place by tourists is the cliff-top structure, which is an imitation of the Athenian Acropolis (shown in the photo above).

If you want a slice of Santorini without breaking the bank while flying overseas, you can also check into one of these Greek-inspired hotels in the Philippines:

As one of the praised foreign destinations in the Philippines, they may not be the originals, but their resemblance to the blue and white buildings of Greece can easily transport you abroad.

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The Cebu Taoist Temple was built in 1972 by the city’s Chinese community. As a center of Taoism worship, it has a chapel, a wishing well and a library

Another noteworthy thing, apart from the well-designed façade, is the entrance to the temple, which is like a replica of the Great Wall of China!

Otherwise, if you want a fuller experience of the Chinese community, head to Binondo in Manila. Founded in 1594, it is believed to be the oldest Chinese neighborhood in the world. Shop here, go on a culinary trip with friends, or plan a visit and join the vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations.

Top Travel Destinations In The Philippines

, and while we don’t have older types of windmills, we do have many more modern ones located at the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte.

Travel Goals: Top Picturesque Destinations In The Philippines

I’ve been to the Netherlands and many of these modern wind turbines are spread all over the country; naturally, looking at the wind farm in Bangui reminds me a lot of this European country!

FACTS: This project is the first wind farm in the Philippines and considered the largest in Southeast Asia.

You don’t need to go to Las Vegas or Macau as Manila is becoming a popular holiday destination with a dazzling array of casinos and entertainment venues.

Add to that the opening of a 6.2-acre, $1.3 million luxury resort, City of Dreams on Roxas Boulevard, and of course, you don’t need to go to any other gaming lane other than those that are

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