Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

By | March 1, 2023

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places – The southernmost state of India, Kerala is famous for many things, including high education, the best gender ratio in the country, and incredible beauty. The state is called ‘God’s Country’ and if God or any other celestial being chooses to reside on Earth, they cannot find a better place than Kerala. We bring you a list of the best places to visit in this country.

The first and foremost tourist attraction in Kerala is Alappuzha, where nature is showered with all its love. Called by many nicknames like the ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha is the best place to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the state. Located on the banks of Vembanad Lake, it offers incredible views from all six, making it one of the most attractive places in the world.

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

Apart from that, it also has Alleppey and Marari beaches and akroshnapuram palace. It is also home to many famous temples like Mannarshala Temple and Ambalapuzha Temple.

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Also called Kochi, Cochin is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. A port city can be the expanse of modern life in a state full of nature and timeless beauty.

Cochin is also somewhat similar to Mumbai in that it is a place where several different cultures come together, including Indian, Dutch, British and even Chinese.

If you are in the city, you must taste the spices because the city is one of the biggest centers of spices in the world. The city can be explored in all months of the year, although you may want to avoid April and July to avoid the hot summer.

Kochi Fort is its most famous place. Vypeen Island and Beach is also a must visit. It is also home to India’s largest mall, Lull.

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No list of tourist places in Kerala can be complete without mentioning Wayanad. The hill station is made of fantasy and is an exquisite exercise of nature with floral beauty.

Apart from the natural beauty, you will want to visit this hill station where you will find Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Banasura Sagar Dam, along with dozens of other attractions in Wayanad.

Wayanad is about 3 hours from the cleanest airport (Calicut International Airport) and the nearest railway station (Nilampur), but it is worth the extra effort to reach it.

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

Munnar provides a great contrast to the natural beauty of Wayanad. Located at a distance of 125 kilometers from Cochin Airport, the hill station is famous for its tea plantations and is home to the famous TATA Tea Museum. A visit to Eravikulam National Park is something that wildlife lovers cannot miss. Attukal and Cheeyapara waterfalls are unique monuments.

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Ashtamudi is another city that has established itself as one of the best tourist attractions in God’s own country. It’s an unusual attraction that takes you away from the crowds that plague the best tourist spots. The city has a beautiful lake and palace and unspoiled natural beauty.

Whether it’s the coconut groves of Kumarakom or the magical view of Vembanad Lake that makes it so irresistible, we’ll never know. The best reason to come here is to stay in a lodge.

If you are going to Kerala via the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, you should go directly to Kovalam first and enjoy the opportunity to explore some of the best sea beaches in India. These are sea beaches that can give even the beaches of Goa a run for their money. Located just 16 kilometers from the state capital, it also has a lake and an art gallery worth a visit among its many other attractions.

The city is home to the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, from which it derives its name. It is the fourth largest Hindu temple in India and if legend is to be believed, it was once supposed to be the abode of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God and avatar of Lord Vishnu. The religious importance of this temple for Hindus makes it a must visit and there are several other temples nearby. Apart from these temples, you should also visit the local elephant camp and mural painting institute.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Kerala, God’s Own Country

Malappuram is another must-see place in Kerala that has several tourist attractions including the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, which no ornithophile would ever want to miss. It also has Keralamkundu Falls and Teak Museum. Koottayi Beach and Padinharekara Beach are two beautiful beaches,

Last but not the least in this must see list of ten must see places in Kerala is Kirhunna Beach. This charming beach is one of the best beaches not only in Kerala but also in India. While Kerala has many other beaches, this unusual beach has a special place. It is best to visit in winter, when you can warm up or swim here.

People ask several questions related to the above list of places to visit in Kerala. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on this topic.

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

Answer: Although Kerala is very beautiful and can be visited throughout the year, you prefer the cooler months of the year.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Kerala

Answer: We have created a very eclectic list of places to visit above and Kera has many other attractions. Here are some other things to see in Kerala: Thekkady, Vagamon, Kollam, Kozhikode, etc.

If the reader has any other questions, they should feel free to ask them in the comments below.

One can quickly conclude the above discussion by concluding that Kerala is perhaps the most beautiful state in the country and worth visiting for both man and god. Kerala is naturally blessed with vegetation and unique beauty. Backwaters, beaches, eco-tourism spots and hill stations ranked highest among popular tourist destinations in the country. Kerala is a small state which does not take much time to travel from one place to another. Most of these places can also be reached by state-run RTC buses. You can easily book Kerala RTC online for any journey from one district to another and find another Kerala RTC bus for local routes. Here are the top ten places to visit in Kerala by RTC buses.

Starting from the south, one of the most famous places in Kerala is the capital city. Apart from various places of interest like museums, palaces and beaches, you can also visit the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple through Kerala RTC routes or local buses. There is also a double decker bus service to Thiruvananthapuram operated by Kerala RTC. The cost of the tour is INR 250 per person. The bus passes most of the main tourist spots in the city.

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Gavi is a small village in Pathanamthitta with beautiful scenery, gardens and a place for adventure seekers. People use this palace as a base camp for trekking, bird watching and wildlife watching. Another popular thing to do here is boating on Gavi Lake. You can get an RTC bus from Thiruvananthapuram to Vandiperiyar and from there to Gavi.

The coastal area of ​​Alappuzha is en route to KSRTC routes, making it easily accessible. Most of the beaches in Alappuzha are close to the highway and it is also one of the most famous Ayurveda centers. Alappuzha Beach, Marari Beach, Thumpoly Beach, Punnapra Beach, Thottappally Beach etc. there are other beaches. You can also enjoy a boat trip in Vembanad Lake.

Famous for its nooks and crannies, Kumarakom is one of the places to visit in Kerala. There are many buses to this place from Kottayam, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram etc. From these places you can book Kerala RTC online and take a local bus to reach Kumarakom. Buses reach Kerala RTC bus depot. From there you can get auto rickshaws to reach your destination.

Top Ten Kerala Tourist Places

The famous hill station of Munnar needs no introduction. There are many buses plying to Munnar from many parts of Kerala especially Kottayam, Ernakulam, Kothamangalam etc. Traveling by Kerala RTC bus allows you to enjoy the scenic route instead of concentrating on driving. Munnar Hill Lookout, Mattupetty Dam and other interesting places are also on the bus route.

Top Tourist Places In Kerala, Kerala Travel Guide

The Queen of the Arabian Sea was once a Portuguese colony, then a Dutch colony and finally a British colony. This made it an important place in Kerala with several monuments left by them. You can reach Mattancherry, Fort Kochi and other parts of Kochi by local RTC buses from Ernakulam. Kerala RTC online booking is available only in main city. To reach Mattancherry, you have to take a local bus to Fort Kochi.

Athirapally, the falls, the famous falls that have been a part of major movies can be reached by RTC bus. You can reach Thrissur from neighboring states and take a local bus from there or from Chalakudy to

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