Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide

By | March 3, 2023

Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide – By visiting Greece in May you can avoid the large number of tourists. Hop on a small charter boat and spend your days on the island or soak up the sun and local culture of Mykonos. Either way, you can count on high temperatures and low rainfall in Greece at this time of year.

May is part of the green season in Panama, which means it’s lush and vibrant with tropical flowers. Although it can rain in the afternoon, as most tropical places do, May in Panama is a great time to visit the beaches of the Colon, San Blas and Bocas del Toro regions of the Caribbean. And let’s not lose sight of some rad hotels like the American Trade Hotel.

Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide

Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide

Considered the shortest period in Brazil, May usually has better weather and fewer crowds. If you’re interested in exploring city life, May is the best time of year to visit Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. And if you’re a fan of rainforests, mountains, jungles, beaches and Amazonian landscapes, May is prime time.

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May is one of the best months of the year to visit South Africa on safari, as it is the start of the dry season and all the animals come out of their hibernation spots in search of water wells. This is usually a less touristy time of year, so exploring national parks and city life can be a bit of a stretch.

If you’re looking for sunshine and wildflowers, Sweden is best explored as spring approaches. Visitors can expect up to 18 hours of sunshine in late May, turning hiking and outdoor activities into full-day adventures. Whether it’s foraging for wild berries and mushrooms in the countryside or checking out the palaces and cherry blossoms in Stockholm, there’s no shortage of activities to see during Sweden’s long May days.

Why Kentucky? Derby of course! Held on the first weekend in May this year, it marks the 143rd annual Kentucky Derby. As if that weren’t reason enough to head to the Bluegrass State, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is in full production and alive with flowers throughout the month of May. So dust off your fancy hats and polish off your silver mint julep mugs.

By now you’ve heard that California is officially out of its drought and bursting with super wildflowers. It won’t last forever, but April and May should be full of flowers. Tours to Yosemite, Antelope Valley, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and Napa and Sonoma are popular throughout May.

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Admittedly, Italy doesn’t have bad months. It is always beautiful in the hills of Tuscany, along the canals of Venice and in the bustling streets of Rome. A comfortably warm start to summer, May offers green vineyards and slightly less crowds than you’ll see later in the summer months. Expect the markets to be full of delicious produce and the sunshine to be abundant.

May falls late in Argentina, and visitors can expect Mendoza’s wine country and lake region to come alive with colorful foliage. In general, May is the least popular time of year to travel to Argentina, perfect for a relaxing getaway without the fuss of other tourists messing with your wind.

From venturing into the Amazon rainforest to exploring Medellin’s nightlife to exploring the ancient walled city of Cartagena, there’s a little something for every type of Colombia travel bug. From tropical beach resorts on the Caribbean side to coffee plantations in the lush countryside, Colombia has no shortage of beautiful places to travel in May.

Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide

While the rest of Australia is gearing up for winter in May, late autumn in Byron Bay means fewer days with pretty perfect weather. A part of the country teeming with tourists all summer and spring, Byron Bay is best visited in May, making it easy to book one of the cute, cozy and smartly designed cottages in town.

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May is shoulder season in Jamaica, with low accommodation prices and small groups of tourists popping in and out on cruise lines and the like. While it tends to be rainy days, early May is usually dry and beautiful, perfect for wandering over blue lagoons, coffee plantations and pristine beaches.

With longer days and warmer temperatures, May marks the end of spring and wildflower season in Nepal. As the last of the rhododendrons continue to bloom, visitors can expect the hills and mountains to sparkle with various shades of pink and red.

With cooler temperatures and less rainfall, May is the prime season to travel as a visitor to Madagascar. Explore blue safaris of marine reserves or island hopping through the archipelago. Trekking green rolling hills, deep sea scuba diving, serene beaches and traditional villages are just some of the highlights.

No matter which Spanish city you visit in May, you’re sure to attend some kind of festival. Why is that? Because it is one of the most beautiful months of the year. After a long period of rain, spring flowers are blooming in cities, towns and countryside, and the people of Spain take to the streets to celebrate.

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Top 10 Travel Destinations Worldwide

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The true wonder of travel is encountering the unknown and getting lost in the beauty of a place on the edge of discovery. There is no more rewarding feeling than being one of the first few to reach and explore a destination that others have yet to have the pleasure of seeing. From remote islands to unexplored deserts and jungles teeming with wildlife, this amazing planet is always ready with new, untapped destinations that will immerse even the most intrepid traveler in dizzying bliss. For the true adventurers out there, go ahead and explore this new collection of ancient global treasures and find your own inspiration.

Puglia, the heel of the elegant Italian boot, has a wonderfully unique appeal that emanates from its rural landscape and past patchwork of Norman, Spanish, Greek and Byzantine influences. The region is quickly rivaling the title of gourmet Tuscany, offering a glimpse into true Italian traditions and values.

With miles of lush coastline, dotted with green landscapes of olive groves and vineyards, this pristine region produces some of the finest wines and undiscovered olive oils in the country. Treat yourself to sensory overload and savor Puglia’s famous Cucina Povera, an authentic style of Italian cooking with an emphasis on simple, fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods – the slow food movement at its best.

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The area is home to unique luxury residences such as the elegant retreat, Borgo Egnazia, a rock-hewn sanctuary nestled among Puglia’s shady olive groves. After one of the most inspiring hoteliers, Aldo Melpignano and his family, Borgo Egnazia is modeled after the traditional local village of Apulian Borgo. Here, the cream-colored property houses romantic suites and villas decorated in muted tones and elegantly appointed to cater to every creature comfort. While you’re in town, check out its adorable boutique sister property, Masseria Torre Maizza, which reopened in May 2019 under the venerable Rocco Forte banner and is setting the stage for a truly chic oasis.

For those looking for a “relatively off the radar” escape, look no further than wild and virtually unexplored Madagascar. This thriving biodiversity hotspot is a dream for naturalists and adventurers alike. The island is home to endemic wildlife, 80% of which can be seen

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