Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

By | March 3, 2023

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora – Monsoon in India is not just a season, it is an emotion. Be it the people of Delhi who see the rain as a respite from the scorching heat or the Mumbaikars who greet the rain like an old friend. Even if they are travelers, this is another excuse for them to explore some of the best places in Monsoon.

If you are someone who doesn’t mind the rains and wants to make the most of the season, then we have something to satisfy your monsoon-loving travel bug.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

While most people prefer to look out the windows with a cup of tea in hand, many like to experience, in the Himalayas or even in the forests of the Northeast. We have compiled a list of all the places to visit in Monsoon, so you can plan your next rainy escape without any hassle!

Best Places To Visit In India In 2023

Located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, this beautiful city is situated at an altitude of 1452 meters above sea level. Popularly known as the Scotland of India and South Kashmir, it is a breath of fresh air and a sight to behold during the monsoons.

One of the most unique hill stations in India, it is known for its stunning views. Also, there is Bilakupe, the second largest Tibetan settlement in India.

All in all, it’s an ideal getaway for all types of people, be it an adventure seeker, an explorer, a foodie or someone who just needs a break from a monotonous lifestyle.

Coorg is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in monsoons near Karnataka. With all that it has to offer, you can be sure that every minute of your trip will be memorable. There are many places that you can visit during your trip to Coorg.

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It’s all beautiful during the monsoon season, with a cup of hot drink that feels like a hug from within and the picturesque rain all around is a perfect combination.

This is a paradise unknown to anyone. Raised at a commanding height of 3000 m, it is as beautiful as the first drop of monsoon.

Spiti means the middle land and is a true expression of the union of India and Tibet. The heights and peaks of the Himalayas are enveloped by Spiti. The winding roads and cliffs make the journey to Spiti exciting and adventurous.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

A trip to Spiti Valley is like discovering all the treasures it contains. Over the centuries, there have been many high points, monasteries, picturesque lakes and rich culture. Spiti is a rain shadow region due to which there is very less rain even in monsoons. Create the perfect pleasant environment with a specially prepared butter tea in hand.

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There are many activities you can participate in while you are here. Please note that it is completely safe to travel to Spiti during the monsoon season.

Next on our list of places to visit in Monsoon in Munnar. Located at an altitude of about 1600 m above sea level, it is a set of natural beauty enriched by the caress of the rain.

Munnar translates as three rivers in Malayalam. It is located at the junction of three hill districts which are Muthirapuzha, Nalatanni and Kundala.

Due to the diversity of rainfall in India, every place turns into a transcendent and wonderful land in its own different way. Munnar is a stunning beauty with great places and views from every corner.

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Also, Munnar has some unique things to do that make it a great destination to experience monsoons in India.

It is the capital of Meghalaya and is located at 1496 meters above sea level. Shillong derives its name from the influential deity U-Shillong.

Cherry Blossom in Shillong is an experience like no other. Interestingly, many famous musicians came from here, it is often known as the musical capital of India. From a place that is well known for music, you can imagine how glorious this monsoon season would be.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

Plus, with all the riding covered in beautiful rain, it’s truly a sight to behold. Living on local food like Tungrimbai, Jado, Pukhlein etc.

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Leh Ladakh, well known as the land of high passes, is surreal. It is located at 2750-7672 meters above sea level. You cannot even imagine the experience of this place unless you visit. Although it is said that nothing is perfect, Ladakh is definitely an exception. To add, it is also the center of Tibetan Buddhist culture. that you will experience and be fascinated by.

Although it is the rainy season, Ladakh also receives little rainfall. What little rain falls in short bursts of heavy rain, which is unusual.

Almost always the clouds are clear and the weather is pleasant. This is a great opportunity to explore the adventure and other activities that Ladakh is famous for. Also, there are many interesting facts about Ladakh that will pique your curiosity to know more. And visit this beautiful place.

This is a destination that remains on everyone’s bucket list. College trips, romantic getaways or even vacation trips are often planned by travelers with Goa in mind. However, most people do not know that the charm of Goa is magnified during the rains.

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Despite its small size, it has about 130 kilometers of coastline, mostly perfect and immaculate beaches. North Goa and South Goa are two districts. Although it is a well explored place and can get really crowded at times. However, during the monsoon season, you get to see a completely different side of Goa.

There are many reasons why Goa is a favorite destination for monsoons. Some of them are affordable travel costs, less crowded, which is quite rare, popular nightlife. In addition, the scooter passes between unknown roads and beautiful rain. Being in Goa in the off-season is truly the most underrated experience you can have.

It is also popularly called the queen of the mountains. At an altitude of 2,045 m, it is a city in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a heavenly paradise with a view of snowy mountain peaks, beautiful lush greens and breathtaking views.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

With the upcoming monsoon season, the surroundings turn green, due to which the entire city is in its prime. About 85 tea estates join the cause of the famous Darjeeling tea.

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The breathtaking view of the rain with specially prepared tea will make you feel alive again. Also, you will be able to find relatively cheap accommodation during the rainy season.

Lonavla is a beautiful hill station located in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats. Located at an altitude of 624 m above sea level, it is a picturesque place. It is covered with forests, majestic waterfalls, dams and pristine lakes. Hence it is the most popular place to visit near Maharashtra in monsoons.

It is known as the Jewel of the Sahyadri. As Maharashtra is well known for its rains, Lonavla is undoubtedly one of the best places in India to experience the monsoon season. With small raindrops in this picturesque place. Experience low stress and your worries and burdens of monotonous life will disappear.

It is interesting that it is known for the production of hard sweets – Chiki. It is a mixture of different nuts and jaggery which gives a sweet taste when combined. This is the perfect lip balm to try during your visit. Also, there are many activities that you can do like photography, trekking, games in adventure parks, etc.

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It is truly one of the best places to visit in monsoon near Uttarakhand. It is located at an altitude of about 2,800 meters and is surrounded by hectares of oaks and pines. It offers beautiful views of some of India’s highest peaks, such as the country’s second highest peak, Nanda Devi.

It also opens its doors to Nanda Devi and the Valley of Flowers National Park. Like Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara and other famous trekking places. Auli means meadows, which is an accurate representation of the characteristics of the land.

It is one of the best places to go in monsoons. Surprisingly, it receives moderate rainfall and temperatures range from 10°C to 20°C. The best activity during the monsoon season is a leisurely stroll around the city. Also, explore the hill station and its many popular attractions.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In India Quora

This island is an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal comprising nearly 300 islands. It is truly one of the most picturesque islands known to mankind. If this is a good example of what you call a “tropical paradise”. With palm fringed banks, sparkling clean strips of white sand, uninterrupted coexistence and amazingly clear blue waters everywhere.

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Visiting a tropical island in the monsoon may seem very unusual. But, it is here suddenly

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