Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

By | March 30, 2023

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Bodh Gaya is a religious site and pilgrimage site associated with the Mahabodhi Temple complex in the Gaya district of the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous because it is where Gautama Buddha is said to have received enlightenment (Pali: bodhi) under the so-called Bodhi tree.

Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

In particular, archaeological finds including sculptures show that the site was used by Buddhists since the Mauryan period.

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For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important of the four pilgrimage sites associated with the life of Gautama Buddha.

The other three are Kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath. In 2002, the Mahabodhi Temple, located in Bodh Gaya, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Known as Uruwela at the time of the Buddha, it is located on the banks of the Lilajan River. The first temple in this place was built by King Ashoka.

According to tradition, Buddha was born in 563 BC after Baisakhi purnima. As for Siddhartha, he died with his family at the age of 29 in 534 BC,

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And traveled in search of the truth. After practicing asceticism for six years at Urubela (Buddhagaya) in Gaya, he gave up this practice because it did not give him Vimukthi. He found the Noble Eightfold Path unaided and by practicing it attained Buddhatva or lightmt. lightmt is a state completely free from lust (raga), aversion (dosa) and illusions (moha). When you reach the light, you have Nirvana, the last stage of which is Parinirvana.

In this place, the Buddha was left by the five m who were his friends in the old austerities. All they saw was an ordinary man; They made fun of his well-nourished appearance. “Here comes Gautama a drunkard,” they said, “who has strayed from self-control. He is certainly not worthy of our respect.” When reminded of his previous vows, the Buddha replied: “Austerities only confuse the mind. Because of the weariness and mental laziness they lead to, the ordinary things of life can no longer be understood, and yet minus the transcendent truth.” I gave up excess. or luxury or modesty. I found the middle path.” This is a path that is neither easy (a rich prince) nor difficult (living on a hard dial). Hearing this, the five ascetics became the first disciples of the Buddha in Deer Park, Sarnath, 13 km north-east of Bares.

Gautama Siddhartha’s disciples began visiting the site during the full moon of the month of Vaisakh (April-May), according to the Hindu calendar. In time, the place became known as Bodh Gaya, the daylight as Buddha Purnima and the tree as the Bodhi tree.

Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

The history of Bodh Gaya is written in many pilgrimage texts and accounts. The first of these are the accounts of the Chinese pilgrims Faxian in section 5a and Xuanzang in section 7. The site was the center of Buddhist civilization production, until it was conquered by Turkish forces in the 13th century. The name of the place, Bodh Gaya, was not used until the 18th century AD. Historically, it was known as Uruvela, Sambodhi (Saṃ+bodhi, “Complete lightmt” in Ashoka’s Major Rock Edict No.8),

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The main temple at Bodh Gaya was called Bodhimanda-vihāra (Pali). It is now known as Mahabodhi Temple.

During the period between the 11th and 13th centuries, Bodh Gaya was under local chiefs known as Pithipatis of Bodh Gaya who were responsible for the administration of the region. It is noted that one of its leaders, Acarya Buddhasa, made a donation to a Sri Lankan monk near the Mahabodhi Temple.

It includes the Mahabodhi Temple with its Vajrasana or “diamond throne” and the sacred Bodhi tree. This tree was originally a sapling of the Sri Maha Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka, which grew from what is said to be a sapling of the original Bodhi tree.

Around 250 BC, about 200 years after the Buddha attained enlightenment, Emperor Asoka visited Bodh Gaya to build a monastery and temples at the sacred site.

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A restoration of this early temple is found at Sanchi in the toraṇas of Stūpa I, dating from about 25 BC, and a string drawing of the stupa at Bhārhut, from the early Shunga period (c. 185-c 73 BC).

Kittisirimegha in Sri Lanka, a contemporary of Samudragupta, built with Samudragupta’s permission, a Sanghārāma near the Mahabodhi Temple, especially for the use of Sinhalese monks in weight to worship the Bodhi tree. The circumstances connected with the Sanghārāma are given by Xuanzang (Beal, op. cit., 133ff) who gives an explanation of how he is alone. It is probably here that Buddhaghosa met the elder Revata who convinced him to come to Ceylon.

People from Bhutan, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam have built several Buddhist temples and shrines in a large area around the Mahabodhi Temple . . . These buildings reflect the architectural style, exterior and interior decoration of their countries. The Buddha statue in the Chinese temple is 200 years old and was brought from China. Nippon Temple in Japan is shaped like a pagoda. The Myanmar (Burmese) temple is also a pagoda style reminiscent of Bagan. The Thai temple has a typical curved roof covered with golden mirrors. Inside, the temple houses a large bronze Buddha statue. In front of the Thai temple is a 25-meter Buddha statue in the garden that has been there for more than 100 years.

Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

The Phalgu river is crossed by the Sujata Stupa, located in the village of Bakraur. The stupa is dedicated to Milk Sujata, who is said to have fed Gautama Buddha with milk and rice when he sat under a Banyan tree, and encouraged him through seven years of fasting and sobriety, enabling him to enlighten – through the Middle Way.

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The stupa was built in the 2nd century BC, as confirmed by the discovery of shiny black objects and marked coins in the monastery.

The Big Buddha statue also known as 80 feet is located in Bodhgaya. The inauguration and consecration of the Big Buddha statue took place on November 18, 1989. The consecration ceremony was attended by the 14th Dalai Lama, who blessed the 25-meter statue, the largest Buddha ever steeped in history. This statue now marks the sacred site of Bodhgaya, next to the Mahabodhi Temple as a World Heritage Site, and is constantly visited by pilgrims from all over the world. Local people, it is nicknamed “80 feet (25 meters) Buddha statue”.

Under the slogan “Spread the Buddha’s Rays Around the World”, Daijokyo devoted seven years to the construction of the Great Buddha Statue, organizing 120,000 bricks in total.

Image of the temple built by Asoka at Bodh-Gaya around the Bodhi tree. Art of the Satavahana period at Sanchi, 1st century AD.

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On July 7, 2013, at around 05:15, a powerful explosion occurred at the 2500-year-old Mahabodhi Temple. This was followed by a series of nine explosions that injured two monks; one was Tibetan and the other Burmese. These blasts were carried out by an Islamic terrorist organization called Mujahideen of India.

Two more bombs, one under an 80-foot Buddha statue and the other near the Karmapa temple were detonated by police.

On 1 June 2018, a special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court in Patna sentenced five suspects in the case to life imprisonment.

Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar

Bodh Gaya had a population of 30,883. Men are 54% of the population and women 46%. Bodh Gaya has an average literacy rate of 51%, lower than the national average of 59.5%; Male literacy is 63% and female literacy is 38%. 8% of the population is under 6 years old.

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Map of Bodh Gaya in relation to the eight major Buddhist pilgrimage sites and nearby famous cities. Bihar is where the Buddha began his steps. Everyone in Bihar believes in this Hajj and one of the best and most important Hajj you will ever see in the world. The famous place of Bodhgaya has several Buddhist temples with different types of architecture.

This city is not far from Bodhgaya. The central attraction of this place is the Vishnupad temple, basically a Vishnu temple and has the footprints of Vishnu. When you visit this city you will know its spiritual value and culture

This university is one of the largest universities in the world. It lasted until the 12th century and nine million manuscripts were damaged. You can visit this university and see the oldest things that have been built.

This place is a popular place for Buddhists and Jains. Ashoka built this famous lion pillar in the 3rd century BC. Lord Buddha used to visit this city and gave his last sermon at nearby Kolhua.

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