Top 10 Tourist Attractions Paris

By | February 26, 2023

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Paris: Gastronomy, Fashion, Fromage, Fantasy. No matter how many times we visit the French capital, its charms never go out of style. And we are not alone in thinking. Paris is a major tourist destination, attracting thousands of enthusiastic travelers with their heads full of images of Breton jumpers, small dogs, and fancy chocolates. But how to enjoy this beautiful city without succumbing to outdated myths?

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Paris

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Paris

We’ve compiled a list of the 50 best attractions in Paris, from the big-name “must-sees” to the slightly more personalized and authentically Parisian. So whether you’re looking for lesser-known museums, late-night live music, or the best places to shop, we’ve got plenty of ideas, and they’re all as delicious as a Ladurée macaron.

Top 10 Paris Must See Attractions

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Well, come on, you know what it is. The world’s most famous man-made structure, the Eiffel Tower, was originally built as a temporary exhibition for the 1889 World’s Fair (it was due to be demolished in 1909). From its top, you can enjoy stunning views of all of Paris. – and to the contrary, its iconic shape can be seen from many vantage points across the city. . Aside from the new glass floor installed in 2014, this is a real ride if you are. For those brave enough to cross it, the third floor is also home to a spacious champagne bar, brasserie, and Michelin-starred restaurant. At night, Eiffel’s beams sparkle like fairy lights on a Christmas tree (every hour, every hour).

Once just a modest hunting lodge, the Château de Versailles can certainly now claim the title of the most luxurious platform in Paris. It grows with each resident and now boasts a staggering 2,300 rooms that have housed many French royals over the years. . Louis XIV began much of the lavish work in 1678. The Sun King is virtually synonymous with Versailles: he is responsible for adding the magnificent Hall of Mirrors, as well as the elegant and spacious grounds. It does get crowded at peak times, so book a skip-the-line ticket in advance and get there early.

Unmissable Attractions In Paris

Until you actually go to them, it’s almost impossible to believe that ‘Les Catacombs’ are real. This 3,000 km (1,864 mi) network of tunnels runs through most of the city and contains the bones of almost six million people, including many who died during the revolutionary terror. In these claustrophobic corridors, you will find the bones of Marat, Robespierre and their comrades, filled with wall after wall of fellow citizens. It was a grand and deeply terrifying sight. And get your jackets ready: the catacombs are literally and spiritually chilling.

Do not miss: the entrance to the ossuary, where there is a sign: ‘Stop! This is the empire of death. Eek!

Arguably the most famous nightclub on the planet, the Moulin Rouge has seen all kinds of showbiz stars, musicians, actors and serious names pass through its doors (it first opened in 1889, with a six-year hiatus when the original building burned down in 1915). And tourists aside, this cabaret venue is loved by Parisians, who go mainly for the club scene at Machine and the rooftop bar à Bulles. One of the most famous balls of the 20th century is the birthplace of 60 Kan-Ken-Ken dancers on stage. ‘Féerie’ with impeccable timing for two hours on the programme. The costumes are wacky, the legs are taller than you might think, and the ‘half-time’ acts are fun. Add champagne and you have the ultimate French night.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Paris

Don’t Miss: A trip to the rooftop tapas venue Bar à Bulles you’d be forgiven for missing.

The 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In France

Trips to the theater are never more spectacular than an evening at the Palais Garnier. Situated on the Place de l’Opéra, this opulent and then some grande theatrical luxury. We’re here to see the Paris Opera Ballet, but to be honest, the building is (almost) as captivating as the dancers on stage. Take a look at the incredible variety of mirrors, marble, velvet and satin and let yourself be carried away by the Grand Escalier.

The centerpiece of the northeastern Belleville neighborhood, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is perhaps a bit less formal than other green spaces in Paris. But it really is worth the uphill walk to get there, as this 19th century beauty is one of the most magical places in the city and often overlooked by weekend visitors who don’t venture outside of town. usual tourist route. The park, with its winding pathways, waterfalls, temples and cliffs, was designed by Adolf Alfand for Haussmann and opened as part of the 1867 World’s Fair celebrations.

Started by Napoleon but not completed until 1836, the Arc de Triomphe is the mother of all war memorials. Exercise your legs and climb the 284 steps, where views stretch between the Arc de la Défense and The Arc in geometric splendor. You can get even more distracted by looking at some great Parisian driving techniques around the unmarked traffic island below: of course, rental car drivers have to pay for extra insurance if they want to cover the roundabout. As you retreat to the ground, think of the unknown soldier sitting regally in the center of the arch.

Don’t Miss: A bronze plaque containing a transcript of Charles de Gaulle’s famous 1940 radio broadcast from London: his rally was considered the beginning of the French resistance against Nazi occupation.

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Once upon a time, the Marais was the place where the movers and shakers of the French nobility met. Then the French Revolution happened and… yes. However, this Parisian district has since gained new life as one of the most fashionable and visited areas of the capital. Head here for a collection of LGBTQ+ friendly venues, vintage boutiques, and the city’s best art galleries.

Don’t Miss: Legendary falafel outlet L’As du Fallafel if you want a bit of pitta in your stomach.

The galleries of the world’s modern malls look at Lafayette and shudder with shame. This truly beautiful department store began life with the humble mission of being a small fashionable haberdashery. It has expanded to become one of the most exciting shopping destinations in the world. The iron roof domes and lattice glass are worth seeing, but this is more than a museum piece. In addition to the amazing brands to shop for, Galeries Lafayette is also a delicious destination for foodies and oenophiles.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Paris

Don’t miss: the secret rooftop with one of the most amazing views of Paris you can imagine, overlooking the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower.

Of The Best Free Things To Do In Paris

Before it became a world-renowned art gallery, the Musée d’Orsay was a major train station (in fact, the world’s first electrified train station). But although it was a beautiful building, it was not keeping up with the increasing volume of trains, which led the French government to the ingenious idea of ​​filling it with art. This is where art fans seek out a full dose of the biggest and best names in Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. Take in that colour, light and panoramic views before exploring the decorative art collections for Art Nouveau glamour. beautiful

Don’t Miss: The amazing cafeteria/coffee shop hidden behind the clock (designed by the Campana brothers). It has an underwater theme in homage to Jules Verne’s ‘Nautilus’ and has been recently renovated.

Every big city has a big urban park. And Paris is no different with the Jardin des Tuileries, an elegant expanse of greenery just off the Place de la Concorde. The charm of the garden lies in the French approach to gardening. Expect perfectly manicured shrubbery, paths and flowers without the oh-so-English nonchalant approach to nature. This urban oasis is always peaceful no matter how many people flock here. Cultural points are added if you can identify all the artists who created the sculptures without googling them.

Work on this massive simulated Romano-Byzantine building began in 1877: started in response to defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, the logic that God would side with the French and appease, sharpen. Paid from the public. Purse and completed almost half a century later in 1914, it was consecrated in 1919, by which time a wave of architects had succeeded Paul Abadie, the winner of the original competition. The results are impressive, especially its prominent location on the hill of Montmartre and the interior covered in sumptuous mosaics.

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Don’t Miss: Views of the city from the outdoor gardens. Be very careful of street vendors trying to sell you bracelets. Make sure they don’t put one on your wrist, because if it’s there, you’re paying for it!

At 209 meters tall, this colossus of steel and glass isn’t as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but it’s still impressive.

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