Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

By | February 18, 2023

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We are very lucky to see and experience many beautiful places in Australia. So, I’ve rounded up the top 10 unique places in Australia for you to add to your Australia bucket list.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

Whether you’re an Australian resident or planning to visit Australia in the future, I’m sharing our favorite places and the best things to see and do in each region.

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Nothing says Aussie bucket list more than white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and hanging out with kangaroos at Lucky Bay! Located 60km from Esperance, Lucky Bay is a Western Australian destination.

Drive to the beach in your car and spend the afternoon with these beautiful animals. The best part is that the kangaroos are very friendly – you can sit with them, eat their meat and don’t forget to take lots of pictures with them!

Wharton Beach is further east and has the clearest water I have ever seen! My favorite beach in the world! Head to the tower on the east side of the beach for a stunning view of the bay and the white sand beach.

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WA is such a unique part of Australia and Esperance has some of the best beaches in Australia. You can read my guide to the best beaches in Esperance here.

One of Australia’s most unique experiences is exploring the outdoors, and it doesn’t get more epic than the Red Centre. With stunning scenery and local culture, visiting Uluru and the Red House is one of the best things to do in Australia and one of our favourites.

Uluru itself is magical and the national park is perfect for those who want to be outside, explore, walk and camp, so I recommend spending at least 3 days in the area. Use this route from Alice Springs to Uluru to plan your trip.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

Uluru and the red-orange tones of the landscape are best enjoyed at sunset. The general sunset viewing area is beautiful to watch the sun set over Uluru, but it gets very busy so make sure you arrive at least 40 minutes before sunset to get a front parking spot!

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Or an experience like the Field of Light is pure magic and you have an amazing sunset view. Tickets are $44, or you can upgrade to the Star Pass experience for $98, which includes sunset drinks, canapés and entry to the Field of Light.

There are many trails and walks in Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park, but I highly recommend a walk at the base of Uluru. This is the best way to approach Uluru and see how big it really is, the feeling of being there and in such an ancient, magical place is like nothing else.

Apart from the main tour, the best things to do in Uluru are morning camel rides, Walpa Gorge walk and Kata Tjuta water caves. For the ultimate Australian bucket list experience, a helicopter ride to Uluru sunset is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Expect tears and goosebumps because it’s an amazing, amazing experience that’s worth every dollar.

If you’re planning a trip to the North Pole, be sure to check out our Top End tour.

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Another Northern Territory travel gem, Kakadu National Park is a vast nature reserve in Australia’s Northern Territory that is home to an incredibly diverse landscape that takes us in complete awe. With wetlands, rivers, great gorges and spectacular watering holes, Kakadu is perfect for adventurers, and there’s nothing better than cooling off at the end of the day in a watering hole.

Maguk and Gunlom Falls are must-sees in Kakadu National Park. The water is insanely clear and perfect for swimming.

If seeing crocs in the wild is on your Australian bucket list, Kakadu is the place to be. Yellow Water Cruises offers sunrise, sunset and field days where you can see incredible wildlife, including crocodiles. We also saw crocodiles up close on the crazy crocodile jump tour on the Adelaide River, NT.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful red colors of the sunset on the landscape of Nawurlandja road. It was a great way to end the day with the rocks turning red and the moon rising above us.

Gold Coast, Queensland

If you’ve always wanted to experience an island paradise, add Fitzroy Island to your Cairns bucket list. There are many things to do on such a small island, I recommend staying at Fitzroy Island Resort.

There is something for everyone to do on this island paradise. Spend the day at Nudey Beach, voted the best beach in 2018. Australian beach. Or if you love to be in the water, you won’t want to miss snorkeling, diving and swimming in the island’s oceans and turquoise waters. The reef is really beautiful and there are turtles everywhere! Water parks and adventure centers also offer water sports.

To see the island from the water, you can book a boat tour around the island, which includes food and drinks. Or for those who enjoy hiking, I recommend a trip to Fitzroy Peak for 360 views of the island and the surrounding blue waters.

Hutt Lagoon, also known as Pink Lake, is an Insta-worthy spot that has raised the hype and is one of Australia’s most unique attractions. Located about 5 hours from Perth and halfway between Perth and Exmouth, Hutt Lagoon is a must see on your Western Australia travel itinerary.

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The pink color is caused by algae that bloom in the lake and thrive in salt water. However, due to natural phenomenon, the color may change every year, so check the latest photos online before you visit. Pink is really bright and attractive in person and looks best on a cloudy, sunny day.

Make sure you have enough time to visit the lake. This adds some time to your trip, and you’ll want time to take a million photos! You can even swim in the lake, although it is very salty – swim at your own risk.

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most famous and most visited bucket list destinations, and it is easy to see why. We absolutely love vegan and vegetarian cafes, gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests and super cool vibes.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

Most people think of Byron Bay and think of beaches and cafes, but they don’t miss the Byron Bay Hinterland. Picturesque villages nestled among green hills, waterfalls and rainforest to get an idea of ​​what part of Byron Bay looks like. Make sure you go to the beautiful town of Bangal for lunch and to check out some fun shops. Head to Bexhill Quarry for a unique aqua blue pool. No swimming is recommended due to the pH level, but after stepping your foot in and taking some nice photos, it’s worth the ride.

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Byron Bay is famous for its cafes, which are easy to book. There are many great options, but some of our favorites include Folk Cafe, Pantry Press, Combi, Bay Leaf, The Farm, The Top Shop and The General Store.

Don’t feel like you have to stay in a hotel when you travel to Byron Bay. There are also tons of AirBnB for your Instagram feed. We like Bask & Stow, Elements, The Bower, The Atlantic, Raes on Wategos and Byron Beach Abodes.

We are very lucky to have a little piece of paradise right on our doorstep on the Queensland coast, just 75 minutes by ferry from Brisbane. Moreton Island is a nature lover’s dream with amazing Australian wildlife, beautiful beaches and as a sandy island it is 4WD only which is great fun!

Tangalooma’s crazy boats are a must-see, and seeing them from the air by plane is Australia’s ultimate experience. Or you can see them from the water and dive around the wrecks.

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Famous for its cruises and snorkelling, you can also enjoy camping, dolphin feeding and beautiful beaches for a perfect sunset getaway.

Exmouth is listed in the top 10 places in Australia for its amazing sea life. I highly recommend booking some of the boat tours and boat experiences in Exmouth – the marine animals we see are insane!

Swimming with manta rays, whale sharks and turtles is a great experience and it is surreal to be with these amazing creatures in the water. Read all about the tours and excursions we have booked on our Exmouth tour.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Qld

If you are looking for the best beach in Exmouth, our favorite is Turquoise Bay, which lives up to its name.

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