Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

By | March 9, 2023

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe – More than 600,000 of you voted for the best European destinations for the eleventh edition of this year’s competition. Here is your ranking of the trendiest places in Europe 2020.

Whether you are looking for a city break, a romantic holiday, a family or beach holiday, a cultural or gastronomic trip, alone or with friends, you will have the choice. Need more motivation? Discover dozens of topics such as the most beautiful Christmas markets and beaches in Europe.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

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Known all over the world, this place has it all: it is the wine capital of Alsace and the main destination for wine tourism; It is also a perfect place for lovers, history buffs, foodies, music and culture lovers.

Colmar can be visited all year round. It’s especially magical at Christmas time: the Christmas market​​​​​​​​​​ and the amazing Christmas lights are unmissable. This place is also worth visiting in spring with its spring markets and many cultural events such as the “Culture and Music” Festival. What about summer and fall? These seasons are ideal for a tour bus ride to the surrounding villages of Eguisheim, Riquewihr or Ribeauvillé. You can drive along the wine route and visit some wineries or simply walk through the vineyards.

Did you know that Colmar is the sunniest city in France with 300 sunny days a year? Colmar is definitely a place to put on your bucket list. It is perfect for lovers, family or friends.

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More than fashion, Athens is a city in constant evolution. Tradition meets modernity in the museums and shops, restaurants and bars of Athens. Along with Rome, Athens is the foundation of our civilization; It is an open-air museum that is very active, vibrant, and bright

With equal measures of grunge and grace, Athens merges past and present effortlessly. A city of great comparison and contrast, the country that first invented the respect and generosity of people away from home, hospitality (xenia).

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

An old-world psychedelic with beautiful views of the Mediterranean bathed in the famous light, Athens is a modern cosmopolitan center with delicious gastronomic delights, electrifying nightlife, creative vibrancy and an ever-growing art scene. spreading.

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The capital of Georgia is more modern than ever in 2020; it is the ideal place for people who love culture, gastronomy, diversity and architecture. The “wow” effect is guaranteed.

Beautiful Haussmannian buildings mingle with medieval buildings; You can also see neo-classical, Soviet or very modern buildings. Tbilisi respects the past and looks to the future, its youth and the challenges of tomorrow. Be sure to climb to the top of Tbilisi and admire the statue of Kartlis Deda, the guardian of the city. This location offers a unique view of the Georgian capital, the Bridge of Peace, the Metekhi Church, the thermal baths, the new theater and the Mtatsminda Amusement Park for young and old; There are hundreds of unique experiences to live in Tbilisi.

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The capital of Georgia is spectacular in spring and summer when nature awakens and in winter with thousands of lights and Christmas decorations and markets.

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Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

Vienna is, along with Paris, Rome, Bruges and Prague, one of the European capitals of love. A perfect destination for lovers, Vienna is also a perfect place for families as it is one of the safest places in Europe.

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Vienna is history with a capital H, gastronomy, wine, organic and local markets. Vienna also has impressive architecture with the Hundertwasser Museum, elegant restaurants and modern bars, but also amusement parks for young and old. Vienna is classy and fun at the same time.

Take a ride on one of Europe’s most beautiful big wheels and slide down Strauss’s Blue Danube; You can also make your marriage proposal or offer a guided tour of Schönbrunn Palace and learn how to cook the famous “Strudel”. There are a thousand experiences to live in Vienna, one of the best places in Europe.

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Cascais is truly one of the best places in Europe. It is, along with Biarritz, one of the most beautiful and prestigious beaches in Europe.

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Located on the coast of Lisbon, Cascais boasts a convenient location, just two steps away from the capital and its international airport and other places to see such as Sintra (UNESCO Heritage), Ericeira (World Surfing Reserve) and Mafra (Portugal). . Versailles).

With its mild climate throughout the year, the “Portuguese Riviera” offers a variety of amazing and fascinating landscapes, combining a wide variety of offers in a unique location. From pure leisure to business, golf, sun, sea and water sports, it has everything and offers a new definition of the concepts of environmental and active tourism.

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Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

Still wondering what the next fashion will be this year? What other place can offer Bruges or the culture and gastronomy of Paris, be instagrammable like Prague or Santorini, romantic like Rome or Venice? Look no further, Sibiu (Transylvania) will be the place you need to see in 2020.

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On the corner of every street in Sibiu there is poetry and beauty, and eyes on every roof! Did you know this rich city is one of the most visited cities in Romania. Sibiu stands for 800 years of history in a clean place, but it is also one of the most modern and dynamic cities in Europe.

Sibiu has something to offer every visitor. A gastronomic destination – the only city in Romania to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, Sibiu is also a destination for history buffs, fans of outdoor activities, photographers, hikers or Instagramers.

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For foodies, instagrammers, lovers of shopping, good restaurants, cocooning, culture, nature walks, evenings with friends or romantic city breaks, Namur is a must-see.

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Namur is an incredibly charming city, charming with the Belgian loyalty of Brussels and the romance of Budapest or Bruges. Namur is very warm and friendly like staying with your family. Its restaurants are excellent and special cultural events. Namur is also one of the most dynamic cities in Europe where many tourist projects and hotels are being developed, where new bars, shops and fashionable restaurants are opened every day.

Namur is probably the most interesting place in Belgium. By the way, Namur is not only relaxing and pampering, it also offers outdoor sports, jumping, hiking and dozens of activities for young and old. While you’re there, don’t forget to climb to the top of the Citadel and take a romantic cruise along the Meuse or spend an evening at the Casino for active players.

If you have time, don’t miss Dinant where the river Meuse also flows. Both cities share the name “daughters of the Meuse”.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Europe

Rijeka is one of the most fashionable cities in Europe. It is at the top of the travel wish list for travelers who have already visited the big cities and are now looking for something different.

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The third largest city in Croatia, it has become one of the must-see places in this wonderful country and was named the “European Capital of Culture” in 2020. This city, which was once sovereign and independent, respects both traditions and culture. its history. progressive

Rijeka is a destination for discerning travelers who do not want to choose between the beach and the city, culture and nature, tradition and modernity.

Don’t miss the Rijeka Carnival, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Art lovers should not miss a visit to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Want to take your pet with you? No worries, Rijeka has great pet-friendly accommodation and beautiful pet-friendly beaches. Rijeka is truly the tourism trend of 2020 and the coming years.

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Sun Soaked Summer Destinations In Europe

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