Summer Reads For Young Adults

By | February 27, 2023

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An African-American woman in a wheelchair enjoys a day at the park with her daughter while reading a book together.

Summer Reads For Young Adults

Summer Reads For Young Adults

When you’re looking for the best books to read this summer, there are so many books out there to focus on, it’s hard to know which ones to read.

Young Adult Books On Diversity For Teens And Older Tweens

Whether you’re a light reader or looking for a science fiction summer romance book, this list has summer reading suggestions for the teenager you know. Your life!

Isaac Martin is glad that summer vacation is over. She misses having Diego with her, but knowing that they’re only taking a break makes it worth it in the end, because she’ll finally have some alone time with him, where she can figure out how to make Isaac a new friend on campus. in college, without any of those pesky social anxieties that come between him and happiness again!

Daily tickets go on sale for the convention event, and you’re two characters short of a wonderful summer. Even worse – Isaac deviates from his original plan with his old crush, who will be at a concert with his friends! Things take a turn for the worse when we learn the true events of the day!

Editor’s Choice Summer Book: If you’re looking for a must-read OR book, add it to your list of summer vacation books. Since this book takes place in the summer,

I Know What You Read Last Summer: 5 Thrilling Ya Books You’ll Want To Read Before Summer Is Over

The most urgent and necessary book for girls of color of any age, More Than Magic is an essential empowering tool for young brown and black women to reclaim their power in this world.

It’s a guide like no other because its goal is not just to educate, but to change the lives of young women by empowering them to feel confident. This book is a great way to find your voice and make sure everyone around you can hear it!

Minda Harts acts as a big sister based on her experience. With anecdotes about what he learned in high school (and beyond), this guide covers topics like building teams or standing up for yourself when systems don’t have our best interests at heart and are warm and safe.

Summer Reads For Young Adults

Editor’s Pick: I love this empowering book that focuses on empowering young women of color. I have no doubt that by the end of this year, this book will be on the list of best books of 2022.

Confessions Of A Book Addict: Beach Reads With Tropical Settings

Luvvie Ajayi Jones continues to inspire young people with his honest and funny style. In this new readers’ edition, she gives advice on how teenagers can be the most daring to create a world they’re proud to live in!

So here’s the book for you, Louw Ajayi Jones, a best-selling book and general critic who likes side-eye. The perfect gift for yourself or someone else who needs a little boost in their life; because we all need someone (or almost) in our group to talk to when something doesn’t feel right!

Do you want to live a bold and daring life? Well, you’d better start with something that scares the kid. This book is for all of us who need a little encouragement and support on our journey!

Editor’s Pick: This is a great book for beach days or if you need an uplifting book to read.

Summer Reading Catalogue: Children & Young Adult |

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What would you do if your best friend was moving out of the country? Imagine walking alone in Baltimore and explore life as a black youth in this magnetic talk from renowned cultural critic and best-selling author of Here for It, R. Eric Thomas.

Garrison is at the center of everything this year: standardized testing, college and seniority. But at work, he gets the terrible news from his best friend Linus that he’s gone to school without any warning!

Summer Reads For Young Adults

With all these new pressures of junior basketball tryouts and classes starting next week, what will poor Harrison do?

The Best Young Adult Romance Books To Read

Editor’s Pick: Just released in late May, this gorgeous new release is one of the hottest summer books for any young adult to read and pick up.

From Printz Prize winner and National Book Award winner Candice Iloh comes a prose novel about young Yamina, who must navigate the complex web of secrets in her family, as well as at home.

Inaminah Okar left Obsidian and broke up years ago. Brooklyn made a marriage for herself, but when Facebook Messenger brings up old memories of the divorce that tore her family apart, she can’t help but wonder if things could have gone differently, or in fact, not at all. has anything changed?

With her only connection to home forgotten, this woman faces an undeniable truth: her past doesn’t always seem perfect enough, but there are places she just wants to go back to.

I’d So Rather Be Reading: Young Adult Summer Reads Of 2015

Editor’s Pick: If you’re making a list of some classic summer reads for every summer, put this book at the top. A perfect blend of family drama and mystery wrapped in an unforgettable story.

Talk about a good book to read on a plane on a family vacation, Kristina Tokay’s new coming-of-age romance, Zyla & Kai’s epic love story about first love between the stars, and why can’t we?

Zyla and Kai, two high school students from different backgrounds, become a bit of a mystery to everyone who knows them when they run away together during their senior vacation in the Poconos Mountains (in the middle of a storm).

Summer Reads For Young Adults

As everyone has been saying that they’ve been separated since last summer, the news of the breakup wasn’t really a surprise since the two always seemed to be at odds with each other no matter what.

All Ages 2021 Summer Reading Program

Editor-approved book: This summer romance novel will be a beautiful beach read in 2022. If you’re into light and fluffy reading, this is the book for you.

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Due out on July 26th, it will easily be one of the books to read this summer! The sequel to the New York Times bestseller Bay of Prey is here, and Coffey’s powers grow stronger as Akon grapples not only with the god of death, but with his own secrets.

A servant of a god with deadly skills, Coffey is thrown into an unexpected trap. He saved his city and loved ones, but at great cost to himself; now that God lives as one who serves to continue, did he know the continental desire for joy, or is he in danger of losing everything?

Book Review: Summer Reads For Young Adults

As she struggles together amidst surprising friends and enemies while finding new purpose, often due to some dangerous gifts she’s been given – will this young woman find happiness again before it’s too soon to be taken away?

Create one of the best summer book series this year by reading books focused on science fiction, family, romance, and self-discovery. These books are perfect for young adults who want to explore a variety of genres while enjoying summer reading.

By the end of this year, you’ll be reading great books for summer vacation!

Summer Reads For Young Adults

Hey, there’s a blooming bar! Co-founder of Kb in Bloom. A go-to resource for BIPOC women who believe they can’t take care of themselves. Maybe I’m riding my bike on a beautiful scenic road, baking sweet treats for my husband, tending to my plants (all labeled with iconic black icons), listening to my favorite Indian artist, or writing a personal care resource to help the community here. Subscribe to our email list for more personalized care values. Some of the best things in life are unnecessary – summer reading, for example. Here are a dozen suggestions from a baker for long, lazy days and evenings.

Summer Reading List Lets Young Adults Explore Different Worlds


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