Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

By | March 31, 2023

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10 – At first glance, St. Louis, Missouri may not look like the famous Gateway Arch and Mississippi, but over the past few years we’ve grown to love the city. It has a lot to offer and definitely falls into the budget friendly category, with most of the attractions being free.

The impressive park is 500 acres larger than Central Park. It is difficult to see the beautiful fields on foot, so take a bicycle.

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bring your own or rent a bike. If biking isn’t your thing, you can see most of the park by car. Remnants of the 1904 World’s Fair can be seen in the park today. It has attracted more than 20 million visitors, including Helen Keller, Geronimo, and President Theodore Roosevelt.

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During the summer, events such as Fair St. Louis are transforming the park into a huge music venue filled with food, entertainment and fireworks.

Winter brings beautiful scenery of snow-covered trees and sparkling lakes with ice along with sledding and skiing. Spring enhances the park with wildflowers, yellow daffodils and tulips.

The park is beautiful all year round, but our favorite time of year is fall when the leaves change.

Stop by the Forest Park Boathouse Restaurant any time of the year for drinks or lunch. In hot weather, the boats sail with a cold local beer or a glass of wine.

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When the temperature drops, warm your feet by one of the many fire pits while enjoying a hot chocolate. Stay at The Cheshire, a traditional British inn with the city’s best restaurant and unique rooms.

The zoo of St. Louis of the world is in the forest. It has a beautiful landscape and has a variety of animals. In 2015, the zoo launched a new polar bear exhibit with Kali as the main star.

It’s hard to believe that this amazing zoo is free! Parking is not free, but if you arrive early, you can park for free on the street outside the entrance. Even if you don’t have kids, the zoo is one of the top things to do in St. Louis.

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

It’s like Boston and New Orleans had a baby. The streets that were built by the French are lined with red brick buildings and sidewalks. It is less than two miles from downtown St. Louis is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

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The historic Soulard Market has been a city center since 1779. Vendors sell a variety of goods, including fresh produce, baked goods, spices, and flowers. There are parking meters around the market, but if you drive a few blocks, you can park for free in the neighborhood.

The main debate in St. Louis is the best BBQ joint: Bogart or Pappy’s. It’s a block west of Bogart Market so you can hop over to try it out. We love the ribs and pulled pork.

Soulard has many bars and restaurants to choose from. John D. McGurk’s has great food, live Irish music every night, and the patio is gorgeous. Molly’s is a great bar with a New Orleans style menu. They tend to sit outside in pleasant weather. At night, the nearby cathedral is illuminated on the festive wall.

The cathedral’s basilica in the heart of the West End area rivals some of Europe’s most impressive churches. It is one of the largest collections of mosaic art in the Western World, with 41.5 million pieces.

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Reservations are not required for self-guided tours, but be sure to call before visiting as groups and other events can be private.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting gardens we’ve ever visited – and we’ve done a lot!

The Japanese Garden is 14 acres of pure serenity. They charge admission except on Wednesday nights during the summer when they provide free entertainment at the Whittaker Music Festival.

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

Come early to walk through the park and see the beautiful gardens before the band starts playing. Guests are allowed to set up a picnic with food and drinks (including alcohol) around the stage. One of the best things to do in St. Louis for couples is to take a bottle of wine and some snacks and sit in a nice evening.

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One of the best things to do in St. Louis for couples is to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden for free concerts on Wednesdays during the summer.

Looking for fun things to do in St. Louis for adults? There are plenty of breweries to choose from, including Public Life, Schlafly, Urban Chest, Square One, Four Hands and Morgan Street Brewery.

We enjoyed them all for their own reasons. Social Life for exceptional beer in a pleasant atmosphere. Schlafly (and get a mussel meal) to suit their location with a dedicated parking lot in the heart of the city. Urban Chestnut is perfect when you want German food and beer. Morgan Street Brewery is right on the Landing, making it a wonderful place to grab a few beers while spending time by the river or at the Lumiere Casino. The nearby Four Hands Farmers Market is a great place to pick up craft beer while bar crawling in Soulard.

If you’re short on time or looking for a one-stop shop, head to Flying Saucer or Bridge Tap House. Both offer a wide variety of beers, including local favorites. More than 100 years St. Louis is not known for its state of the art technology, but don’t forget Anheuser-Busch. The brewery offers free tours with samples and you can see the wild Clydesdales.

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St. The museum serves adult beverages and has everything from a 10-story art gallery to a bus that hangs from the roof.

Located in an old shoe factory, this is a great playground, and walking around the museum will make you feel like a kid again. It also includes some antiques, but mostly, it’s an interesting place for adults and children.

Spend the day in the sea of ​​red as the Cards fans come out to cheer on their team. The stadium offers a beautiful view of the city skyline and the arch. They even cut the bow outside!

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

Make your own nachos at El Birdos Cantinas and you won’t regret it. If you don’t want to spend money on tickets, go to Ballpark Village. The Plaza is a great place to watch the game with a 40-foot LED screen.

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The Village is a new addition to the area and features a retractable glass roof, a concert hall, and several restaurants and bars.

It is an underrated park compared to its bigger sister Forest Park. It should be called an arboretum as there are hundreds of species of trees in the park.

We love walking and cycling here. We watch the birds swim in the fountain and check out all the stalls, each with a unique and different theme.

Food Truck Friday is offered every second Friday of the month during the summer, with over 20 food trucks congregating in the park. Live music, local beer and, of course, delicious food sold from trucks. This is a great opportunity to see local residents enjoying all that their neighborhood has to offer.

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The Arch and Union Square are stops we only visit once every few years, but are a must-do for first-time visitors to the city.

The Gateway Arch is a symbol of the Gateway to the West, an unforgettable sight, and was recently designated Missouri’s first national park.

You can view it from the ground or you can take the egg-shaped elevator (not a ride you’ll want if you’re claustrophobic) that takes you to the observation deck at the top of the arch.

Mississippi Tourist Attractions Top 10

The small windows here allow you to look west to the city and east across the Mississippi to Illinois. If you are visiting during the summer, be sure to visit Fair St. Louis, a party on the river.

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Union Station is the largest and busiest train station in the world. Now a market place, the station has many restaurants and bars.

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