Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

By | March 17, 2023

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December – Are you a traveler looking for the cheapest places to travel in Europe? For some reason, many associate Europe with luxury and the word “expensive”. In fact, there are many affordable destinations on this continent.

Winter in Europe is actually one of the best times of the year to travel! Well, yes, for many reasons. Less crowded, cheaper prices, easier to book and offers a stress-free vacation. Also, big cities and small villages are more like movie scenery. They’re incredibly beautiful, and it’s not just because of Christmas lights.

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

Winter Europe is endlessly appealing to all types of travelers. On the one hand, it has many cultural, historical and beautiful landscapes. On the other hand, traveling in Europe can be quite expensive.

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Of course, you can travel on a budget even in expensive countries. But if you want not only cheap but comfortable vacation, then this list is for you!

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December is the time of year when everyone wants to travel to Europe. Because it feels good everywhere. As it is the peak of the tourist season, prices are skyrocketing and hotels are full. But there are countries that are popular in summer and do not receive many tourists in winter. And each of them makes a list of cheap places to travel in Europe in winter.

One of the least visited countries in Europe, Lithuania has a lot of magic during the holidays. Here’s a cheap winter vacation.

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Most of the country gets snow around Christmas, except for the coast. Although the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees in the cities. December is a dark month with and without snow, but sunny days can also be seen.

Hot springs are one of the main reasons why people come to Lithuania in winter. Did you know that Lithuania has thermal baths? I will talk more about them in my guide to Vilnius. They are open year-round, even on cold winter days. The best places for this are Druskininkai, Birštonas and Palanga. But see my guide for more tips.

Surprisingly, winter sports are also becoming more and more popular. There are no mountains in the country, but skiing is held every year. The snow season in Lithuania is a little unpredictable, but there are weeks when the country is covered in snow and temperatures can drop to -20°C in the hills. So pack some warm clothes!

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

There are great places to ski. Like the resort towns of Druskininkai and Anykschai. The latter is the largest ski resort in Lithuania.

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If you like hiking, you should visit Auxtaitija National Park. It offers many different trails through the forest for orienteering, nature walks and recreation.

Georgia. You wouldn’t expect this small country to be one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe. And travel in winter. We stayed in Tbilisi and will definitely be back there in December.

Georgia is an amazing destination for budget travelers (and not just budget travelers!) where you can have a variety of experiences in one trip. From wine tasting, Kazbegi adventures, adventure driving tours, sunbathing, skiing, Christmas markets and cave exploration.

Winters are mild in central Georgia. The temperature hardly drops below 0 degrees. And the city is always beautifully decorated for the holidays. There are fewer tourists, but all the shops and restaurants remain open, so you can still enjoy the amazing Georgian wine and cuisine. Honestly, Tbilisi has some of the best restaurants and bars in Europe. You may be busy hopping from place to place.

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Winters are milder on the coast. Everywhere in Batumi and Ureki you can get +10 degrees C or more cold during the day, which allows you to get vitamin D and walk through the two coastal areas.

Some mountain roads may be closed due to snow, but there are still many places that can be reached by car. If you’re visiting Georgia for the first time, check out my beginner’s guide to what to see in Georgia. I am also working on more content on this topic, please feel free to browse this page.

For many days, the weather on the coast in winter in Montenegro is mild and comfortable. A warmer jacket may be needed in the evenings

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

Come to Montenegro in December! So many tourists visit Montenegro in the summer without realizing how wonderful it is in the winter. We also lived in Montenegro and I would like to invite you to come to Montenegro at the beginning of the winter season if you are looking for a cheap holiday in Europe.

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It’s cheap, quiet and unpredictable. December is also the season for oranges, tangerines, persimmons and kiwis.

The climate can be very different in different regions of Montenegro. It’s warm on the coast, and people go skiing in the north. The country is so small that you can ski in the mountains and sunbathe on the beach in the same day.

Usually, the average air temperature on the coast in December is +15 +17 degrees, but on most days it can be +20 +22. Nights are much cooler and you may need a heater. But most days you can expect mild sun and calm seas. In the north, the average daily temperature varies from -8 to +5 degrees, which creates excellent conditions for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.

Despite the small size of the country, Montenegro has three climatic zones – coastal, northern and central. In the central part of Montenegro (Podgorica, Niksic, Cetinje) there is nothing to do in winter, but the coastal part of the country and the north offer a lot of fun.

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My best advice is that if you are planning trips and exploring the historical part of the country, choose a beach holiday in Montenegro. If you are interested in skiing, then pay attention to two famous ski resorts – Zabljak and Kolasin. There are a few small ski resorts, but they’re not worth your time due to their underdeveloped infrastructure. We have been to Zabljak many times in different seasons and it has been amazing.

For more information about Montenegro in winter, see my detailed post. And see all my posts about Montenegro here.

In general, Cyprus is not really considered a cheap destination. But that changes when winter comes. Winter holidays in Cyprus are the cheapest, especially if you book at the last minute.

Cheap Vacation Destinations In December

In the second half of November, at the end of the season, car rental and accommodation prices drop dramatically, making it a great destination for budget travelers.

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Yes, you can’t swim in the sea, but there are plenty of things to do outside the beach. Take a nature walk or walk with panoramic views, rent a car in one of the many towns and go on a day trip, visit a winery in one of the oldest villages or spend a day at the resort that Cyprus is famous for.

Also, remember that Cyprus is divided into two countries and if you go to the Turkish part of the island, your vacation will be much cheaper than in Turkey and at the same time cheaper than in Southern Cyprus. At the same time, you can safely go on excursions around the island, but return to the hotel at the end of the day. There are several all-inclusive chick hotels in North Cyprus.

Estonia is not the first country that comes to mind when you think of cheap winter holidays to Europe in December. But Tallinn and its surrounding picturesque towns have their own charm during the holiday season. The town will be transformed into a fairytale town with Santa Claus, Christmas markets, ice sculptures and lots of lights and decorations. Most viewpoints that offer spectacular views of the city remain open to the public. By the way, if you’re thinking of the best winter vacations in Europe, check out Tallinn.

There are no high mountains in the country, but winter sports are very popular. There are many hills with well-prepared ski slopes. It is famous in Otepya. In addition, many ice rinks are opening in all regions of the country.

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The small country north of the Baltic Sea receives more tourists every year, but less in winter. That’s why many tour operators and hotels lower prices. The best times for budget travel are late fall, early winter, mid-winter, and early spring. But December is so magical.

There is too much hype about traveling to Europe in December. People try to plan their vacations no later than early January, which means there isn’t much going on after the holiday season.

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