Best Safari Destinations In Africa

By | February 26, 2023

Best Safari Destinations In Africa – Regardless of your safari interest, the best of Africa has something for you. You will be exposed to amazing landscapes and amazing cultures, and you will be able to see nature in all its variations.

To say Africa breathed would be an understatement. With its grandeur, it’s no wonder why so many people travel around the world to experience its safaris and see the grasslands, deserts and vast plains.

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

Safaris in Africa allow you to see wild animals in their natural environment. Those who want the best safari experience in Africa are here for the experience of a lifetime, especially for those who want to see the “Big Five”, the leopard, lion, rhino, African buffalo and elephant.

African Safari 101: What To Pack (and What To Leave Behind)

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. To help you make the best choice, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite African safaris.

Serengeti National Park is known as “The Land That Runs Forever”. It is one of the most preferred and popular safari destinations especially for first timers.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Serengeti is known for its annual migration of wildebeest and zebras, who travel to the Serengeti each year to give birth.

In February, the plains in the southern part of the park become a breeding ground for white-bearded wildebeest cubs. Surviving predators, the cubs embarked on a journey that would take two countries and a million other wild animals.

How To Plan The Best African Safari On A Tight Budget

A wonderful sight that everyone should see at least once in their life. You will see migrating antelope species and zebras. Lion sightings are also guaranteed, and if you’re lucky, you might spot a leopard or cheetah.

About 3.2 million hectares, this protected area covers most of the north-western corner of Tanzania. It is ten times larger than the Masai Mara.

If this is your first time on safari, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat, which is exactly what you can find in the Kruger National Park. At over 7,500 square miles, the park is roughly the size of a small country!

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

Known as one of the world’s greatest game viewing areas, the Kruger National Park offers a truly unique experience.

Places To See Wildlife On Your East Africa Safari

The Big Five thrive in this national park, but there are many more animals to see, including:

Namibia might not be on the top list for most travelers in Africa, but once you visit Etosha National Park, you will change your mind.

It was declared a National Park in 1907. It was named after the Ovambo word meaning “where vegetation does not grow”, referring to the Etosha Pan, which is part of a dry lake. It’s so big you can see it from space!

One of the best activities for safari goers in this national park is to hang out at the water fountain and wait for the animals. Etosha National Park has a beautiful panorama of Dolomite mountains and dry savannah.

Of The Best Safari Destinations In The World For Spotting The Big 5

The park is known for its vast reserves of both reintroduced white rhinos and native black rhinos and its rhino conservation. In Etosha National Park, you will also see cheetahs, caracals, jackals and hyenas.

If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll love Laikipia Plateau. The Laikipia Plateau is home to a variety of animals, including:

The best way to explore the vast land is by riding a camel, which is a fun way to see the vast plains.

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

You can explore the park on horseback or during a guided walking safari. During the dry season, there is plenty of water that fills waterholes for animals to find and drink from.

Best Time For Wildlife Safari In Africa

This attraction makes this safari a special attraction for photography enthusiasts who want to capture animals in their natural habitat.

Mana Pools National Park is one of the best safaris in Africa. It is famous for its large elephant population. This safari is a great adventure for adventurous people who want to see leopards, wild dogs and lions.

One of the best appeals of this park is that you can stay in unfenced campsites in the middle of the desert.

If you want to stay in a lodge like this, choose one near the Zambezi River for the ultimate experience. If you are looking for something unique, go for a boat safari.

Top 5 Safari Destinations In Africa You Shouldn’t Miss

Mana Lakes is one of the few parks in Africa that you can explore without a guide, but this one is not suitable for beginners.

If you are looking for game drives and jungle tours, this is a fantastic safari. The thin vegetation of this park makes it one of the best places for a walking safari as it offers amazing visibility.

For those who want to try self-drive tours, 4×4 is recommended. The best thing about 4×4 tours is that even the drive is fun!

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

The Okavango Delta covers permanent wetlands as well as seasonal flood plains. A delta is a series of interconnected rivers and lakes, home to a variety of animals including:

The Top Safari Destinations In Africa • The Blonde Abroad

It is one of the major inland delta systems that does not drain into the ocean, and its wetland system has been almost completely destroyed.

The Okavango Delta is also a great destination if you want to go bird watching. You might get lucky and see some rare birds. If you are into photography, this safari will blow your mind with its beauty.

As one of the best safaris in Africa, Mala Mala Game Reserve is one of the best places to see lions in their natural habitat. Mala Mala borders Kruger National Park, one of South Africa’s largest game reserves.

The big five thrive in this private game reserve, along with cheetahs, giraffes and wild dogs. During the dry season, especially in May, this is the best place to see many animals.

Four Alternative Safari Destinations Outside Africa For Wildlife Enthusiasts

The park is also a top destination for photographers. The terrain is different from the Kruger, as it is flat, making it perfect for game drives.

You can observe lions resting in their dens during the day or visiting waterholes at night. Another reason Mala Mala Game Reserve is one of the best safaris in Africa is that you can do jungle trails.

Here you will enjoy seeing wild dogs and cheetahs up close. Night safaris are also safe and popular in this world-class park.

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

The Masai Forest is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. Located in the Great Rift Valley, this vast desert hosts the Big Five as well as large populations of cheetahs and wild dogs.

The Best Safari Destinations In Africa

Game drives here are amazing as the area is known for its high density of animal population. There are many safari lodges in this national reserve and people often book months or even years in advance.

If you want to see some of the Big Five in their natural habitat, the Masai Mara National Reserve is worth considering. Apart from the animals, you will also like the hillsides, cassia trees and thatched houses.

Be sure to visit between August and October if you want to witness the wildlife migration from Tanzania to Kenya.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is located near southern Kruger and is a group of private game reserves. This wide open savannah is a great attraction for game drives and hikers.

This Is The Best Time To Take An African Safari

The Big Five are among the most common animals you’ll find at the zoo. Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a top destination for those who want to experience close encounters:

Also, the reserve is famous for its amazing night driving experience, where you can see nocturnal animals:

The game reserve is also known for its diversity of bird life. If you love bird watching, you will be in for a treat here. It is recommended to visit this destination during winter or low season from May to September.

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

If you are looking for an amazing game reserve in Botswana, Moremi Game Reserve is the best destination for you.

Best All Inclusive African Safari Vacations

This safari is part of the Okavango Delta, recognized as the 1000th World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This game reserve is known for four of the Big Five, and you will see many of them during your safari.

It is also home to more than 400 species of birds. Sports watching is also popular here. The best time to visit this reserve is during the dry season from June to September.

You can explore the desert on a cruise ship or on a walking safari. Looking at the waterfalls and baobab trees, you will feel the majesty of nature.

South Luangwa National Park is a top destination in Zambia if you want to spot wildlife, including endemic species such as Thornicroft’s giraffe and Crawshay’s zebra.

Top 10 Destinations For African Safaris

Lions, leopards and elephants are also present in the area. The park has tons of beautiful cabins, lodges, and other accommodations that can get busy during peak season.

If you want to visit this park, be sure to plan ahead and make a reservation. The park is popular for walking safaris led by expert guides.

The best time to visit is the dry season from July to October. It is at this time that animals come out of the tropical forest

Best Safari Destinations In Africa

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