Best Destinations In South Africa

By | March 7, 2023

Best Destinations In South Africa – From Cape Town to Stellenbosch and Durban to the Kruger National Park, these are the best holiday destinations in South Africa.

South Africa has been on my dream destination list for a long time. From the country’s amazing wildlife (big five, whales, etc.) to wine regions, beautiful landscapes and cuisine, there are many reasons why South Africa is a popular holiday destination.

Best Destinations In South Africa

Best Destinations In South Africa

I’ve been wanting to put together a South African blog for a while now, because I’ve had so many messages from you asking if I have any posts or suggestions about places to visit.

Best Holiday Destinations In South Africa

So I decided it’s best to get some of my blogger friends to recommend their travel highlights in SA. So without further ado, here are the best holiday destinations in South Africa, from those who really know!

Lucy from Luz absolutely loved Stellenbosch, South Africa. Here’s what he thought was so special…

South Africa’s Stellenbosch is a paradise for wine lovers. With the vineyard-filled valleys surrounding the city and the nearby wine regions of Franschhoek and Paarl, it is home to hundreds of wineries. Stellenbosch is best known for its Pinotage reds and Chenin Blanc whites, but there is a whole range of different grapes and wine styles, including some delicious sparkling wines that run for half the money of Champagne.

It’s not just the wine that makes Stellenbosch worth visiting, though, as is the beautiful scenery. One of the best ways to explore is to rent a motorbike and hit the country roads. Stellenbosch is only half an hour outside of Cape Town so you can easily visit it on a day trip, but it’s worth staying a night or two to soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

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It is the second oldest city in South Africa and is full of period charm, with historic Cape Dutch houses and streets lined with old oak trees. There are some excellent B&Bs and Victorian guesthouses where you can rest for the night, and the wineries have some excellent restaurants. But Stellenbosch’s large student population means it doesn’t sleep much and you can spend the day in one of its clubs and bars, if you haven’t already exhausted everything.

Cape Peninsula makes a great day trip from Cape Town. A ride along the cape on a sunny day offers spectacular views. The Cape of Good Hope is a special place, but right next to it is Cape Point, the southernmost point of the peninsula. These may be some of the highlights of your day trip but there is so much more to explore.

Animal lovers will be charmed by the cute but noisy penguins at Boulder Beach. This is easily one of the most unique holiday destinations in South Africa! You don’t have to spend the whole day in the car. As you pass Komitji you can stop for a romantic stroll in the surf at Long Beach. If you like hiking, check out the Farmer’s Cliff Trail or another hike. Available at Cape Point Nature Reserve. Trails range from 2 hours to 2 days!

Best Destinations In South Africa

Finally you hit the famous Chapman Peak Drive, often considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The path winds along the coast and is made entirely of rocks. Plan your trip so that you arrive shortly after sunset or before sunrise. The sun casts a beautiful yellow color on the rocks, creating magical images.

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Elaine and Dave from the show absolutely loved Knysna in South Africa. Here’s what they thought was most special…

The waterside town of Knysna is a landmark of the Garden Route and one of the most interesting places to visit in South Africa. Knysna is best known for the Knysna Heads, two spectacular sea cliffs guarding the entrance to the Knysna Lagoon from the Indian Ocean. A boat trip to Knysna Heads is one of the highlights of many Knysna trips and it is fascinating to watch the sea crash through the narrow gap at the entrance to the lake.

Knysna is surrounded by lush forests and sandy beaches. Long days at the beach, boat trips and hikes in the Featherbed Nature Reserve are a must. It is also famous for two local foods, its oysters and beer. You must try them when you visit!

The nearby town of Wilderness is home to a map of Africa, from a vantage point overlooking the Caymans River Basin, it is possible to see where the river’s course has formed a piece of land similar to the map of the African continent. The combination of mountains, forests and rivers is a beautiful sight and worth the short trip from Knysna.

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Christine from Traveling Pinoys loved Cape Town, South Africa. Here’s what he thought was so special…

Cape Town is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Voted one of the world’s best cities by Travel and Leisure magazine, Cape Town boasts one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. The scenery of the city bag is out of this world. Cape Town’s natural amphitheater is surrounded by Table Bay and is flanked by the mountains of Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak – simply stunning for photography!

With its stunning scenery, there are even more reasons to add Cape Town to your South Africa itinerary. There are also beautiful beaches (although the water is cold all year round!) amazing wildlife, rich history, world-class architecture and diverse culture.

Best Destinations In South Africa

Cape Town also has some of the most beautiful drives in the world. From Chapman Peak, with its cliff and ocean views, to Victoria Street in Campus Bay, where you’ll marvel at the Twelve Apostles and million-dollar homes, you’ll regularly reach for your camera.

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The city is also famous for its excellent food and wine scene. Additionally, if you love the outdoors, you can hike, surf, windsurf and more around Cape Town.

One of my favorite stops on my trip was the small town of Hermanos outside of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a seaside town with great places to eat and shop, but best of all it’s the place to see southern right whales in South Africa.

Located in Walker Bay, this is the best place to see whales in the water. You can actually see the whales from the beach! Interestingly, there is a town that blows its horn whenever it is near a river. Besides seeing them from the bay, you can also take a boat cruise to see the whales. I would recommend both because most of the whales are on the other side of the bay, so you will see them more active and even breaching.

The best time to see whales in Hermanos is between May and December when the whales come to mate and calve in the warm waters. Seeing them is an amazing experience, so it is definitely one of the best vacation spots in South Africa.

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Kate from our Escape Claus absolutely loved South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Here’s what he thought was so special…

Kruger National Park is recognized as one of the world’s best safari destinations, and the fact that it is easily accessible in South Africa (about a 7-hour drive from Johannesburg or a quick flight to Nelspruit) is a It’s a bonus!

Come to Kruger National Park, marvel at some of the world’s most impressive wildlife: not only is Kruger a fantastic place to try to spot the famous Big Five (lion, rhinoceros, cheetah, water buffalo and elephant), is home Many other interesting creatures too.

Best Destinations In South Africa

Everything from zebras, hyenas and giraffes to hippos and warthogs can be seen in Kruger National Park, and after seeing all these animals in person, you might just walk away with some new favorites!

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Although you can book a guided game drive in Kruger National Park, it is also a popular destination for self-drive safaris. Just grab a map, get in your car and start looking for animals. They are surprisingly easy to spot, and for me, there was nothing better than watching wild elephants for 20 minutes!

Anna from Will Be Traveler loved South Africa’s Tsitsikamma National Park. Here’s what he thought was so special…

For adrenaline junkies, you can not only bungee jump from the world’s highest bungee bridge over the Balukran River (216m), but you can also go zip lining, kayaking and snorkeling. For those who like to explore, Tsitsikamma has some beautiful walks and paths along the dramatic coastline that overlook the crystal clear waters. Lucky visitors can also spot some of the park’s wildlife, including rock hyraxes, dolphins and blue duikers (a small species of deer). Otherwise, relaxing at the beach restaurant is also a great way to pass the time.

It is a national park

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